How To Become A Professional Clerical Worker

How To Become A Professional Clerical Worker?

Want to get into the business world but don’t have time for a business degree? How Do I Become a Clerical Worker? A job as a clerical worker can start you on the road to a business career. Read on to learn what clerical workers do and how to become one. Schools offering Office Management degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

What Are the Types of Clerical Workers?

Clerical workers work in offices to assist the flow of office productivity, and they can hold any number of titles in virtually any office department. According to the Employment Development Department of the State of California (, common clerical job titles include data entry keyers, adjustment clerks, secretaries, shipping and receiving clerks and receptionists, among others.

What Do Clerical Workers Do?

Your duties as a clerical worker will vary greatly with your title. Receptionists answer phones and direct visitors, data entry keyers enter numerical information into databases, and adjustment clerks handle complaint calls from customers and vendors. Additionally, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that clerical workers undertake office logistics tasks, such as putting information into computers, answering customer phone inquiries, processing orders and handling paperwork. You may also need to interact with or direct clients, as well as handling mail, taking or entering payments or assisting the office as needed (

What Skills and Education Would I Need?

Occasionally, an employer will specify a bachelor’s degree, but clerical workers usually just need high school diplomas or GEDs. In some companies and positions, previous on-the-job training is preferred, but others train you upon hire. To be a clerical worker, you should know how to use word processing programs, have basic knowledge of computer spreadsheets and have good typing skills. A number of vocational schools and programs train entry-level clerical workers. However, if your high school curricula included computer literacy courses, you may not need to enroll in a vocational program.

How Do I Find a Job as a Clerical Worker?

To get a job as a clerical worker, you need to develop a quality resume. Once you have a resume, you can check your classified listings for jobs in clerical work. You may find that registering with a staffing agency can aid you in your job search.

Opportunity for Advancement

As a clerical worker, you could use the opportunity to gain business experience and move into higher positions, such as sales, marketing, accounting, management or human resources. You could take advantage of company benefits, such as training seminars, workshops and tuition reimbursement programs to gain credentials. With a college degree, you could then work up to professional positions with higher pay and build a solid business career.

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