Clerical Worker in the Future

Clerical Worker in the Future

Clearical Worker as Receptionist

An office receptionist is the firstperson that the customers seewhen they come in to an officeand also the first person thata caller would speak with ifcontacting the company by phone

Receptionist Work at Last and In the future
At Last

  • Handling Phone
  • Handling Guess
  • Over Taking

At Now

  • Handling Phone
  • Handling Guess
  • Created Spreadshee
  • Create mail merge
  • Create documents word
  • Update and maintain a customer database
  • Flexiblle Call Routing

Skill Needed for The Future

  • Good Speaking
  • Social
  • Active Listening Perceptiveness
  • Service
  • Critical Thinking Orientation  Writing
  • Coordination
  • Monitoring
  • Time Management

A Receptionist in the future must have most knowledge, skills and good attitude forincreasing carier and for be a good person at the future.

My interest is in future, because I am going to spend the rest of my life there.

Modern awards

A modern award may define the meaning of the term ‘clerical work’ for the purposes of interpreting that award. For example, the Clerks — Private Sector Award 2010 defines ‘clerical work’ to include recording, typing, calculating, invoicing, billing, charging, checking, receiving and answering calls, cash handling, operating a telephone switchboard and attending a reception desk. However, the award also names industry awards containing clerical classifications that are not covered by the Clerks

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